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Thursday April 19, 2007


"A great program." Surgeon Kenneth Saum, MD, talks about cardiac care at Memorial
Recently, John Hathaway became the 1000th heart surgery patient at Prairie Heart Institute-Memorial Hospital of Carbondale. “To reach such a milestone requires a great program, and we believe that is what we have here in Carbondale,” said heart surgeon Kenneth Saum, MD.


Thursday April 5, 2007


1000 times and counting: Heart program reaches milestone
The 1000th open heart surgery was performed at Prairie Heart Institute-Memorial Hospital of Carbondale on February 23. The cardiac leader in southern Illinois, Memorial has provided open heart surgery since 2001.


Tuesday April 3, 2007


Peripheral Arterial Disease: are you at risk?
Most of us know the symptoms of a heart attack: chest or back pain, numbness or tingling in the arms, nausea; but what about the symptoms of peripheral arterial disease (PAD)?


Friday March 9, 2007


Help for osteoporosis patients now available at Rehab Unlimited-St. Joseph Memorial Hospital
Osteoporosis patients are now getting help through an osteoporosis clinic offered through Rehab Unlimited at all SIH locations.


New digital mammography brings “amazing clarity” for women
Women wanting the highest quality images from their mammograms can now get them at the SIH mammography centers in Carbondale and Herrin.


Monday March 5, 2007


New specialist in lung disease comes to southern illinois
Pulmunologist Elizabeth Schupp, MD, treats patients with chronic respiratory diseases such as emphysema and asthma, as well as lung cancer.


The Doctor is In: Patient care enchanced at MHC through new program
Hospitalists are doctors whose sole practice is the care of hospitalized patients. Craig Davis, MD, became the first hospitalist at MHC last November.


Southern Illinois Healthcare receives prestigious award
SIH recognized for services performed in hospitals and work done to promote good health in the communities they serve.


ChartMaxx brings paperles records to SIH
The ChartMaxx system converts the patient’s “paper” medical information to an electronic medical record (EMR), after the patient is discharged and services have been completed. Inpatient, outpatient and emergency department medical records are converted. When doctors, nurses or emergency room staff need to check the patient’s records, they are instantly available by computer.


Cancer support group keeps people from feeling alone
The Cancer Support Group was started by Sister Mildred Gross over 11 years ago to create an atmosphere of understanding and support.


SJMH nurse helps educate multicultural population
Multicultural center program helps promote healthy lifestyes.


Thursday February 1, 2007


SIH takes heart show on the road
The heart experts at Prairie Heart Institute - Memorial Hospital of Carbondale, in conjunction with Prairie Cardiovascular, want to educate the public on how to stay heart healthy, and they will soon be holding a fun-filled, half-day event in communities throughout southern Illinois.


Thursday December 14, 2006


OB nurses apply skill and loving touch to new life
There isn’t a dull moment for the nurses who work in the OB Unit of MHC - most of whom work 12 hour shifts.


Faith community nurses trained through the Health Ministries Program
Faith community nurses trained through the Health Ministries Program of SIH Community Benefits. Next course set for March, 2007.


Wednesday December 6, 2006


Verizon grant to help SIH launch patient registry pilot program
The Verizon Foundation in December awarded a $42,000 grant to Southern Illinois Healthcare to further an ongoing innovative effort to increase access to care for southern Illinoisans. The grant will provide the resources to further enable the collaborative development of a pilot computer system to improve coordination of care for underserved patients with chronic diseases such as asthma and uncontrolled diabetes.


Thursday November 30, 2006


Area man praises rehabilitation department for care
A stroke left Billy Hutson partially paralyzed on his right side. When asked where he wanted to go for rehabilitation he said there was only one place - the Acute Rehabilitation Center at Herrin Hospital.


Monday August 28, 2006


Best rehabilitation care in the country is still close to home
Rehabilitation staff at Southern Illinois Healthcare recently celebrated the announcement that its affiliate in rehabilitation, the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, was named Best Rehabilitation Hospital in America by "U.S. News and World Report" for the sixteenth year in a row.


Wednesday July 19, 2006


Women with breast cancer getting help thanks to $250,000 grant
A woman with breast cancer needs excellent care and a cure, not a hassle trying to negotiate a maze of services. The Avon Breast Health Patient Navigator is a new position made possible by a grant from the Avon Foundation to help women navigate their way through treatment.


Tuesday July 18, 2006


State Board gives green light for expansion
The Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board has approved construction of a two-story addition to Memorial Hospital of Carbondale.


Friday June 9, 2006


SJMH offers 5-star experience to patients and visitors
Employees at St. Joseph Memorial Hospital have set the bar high with a new program that promises a 5-Star experience for all who enter the hospital; patients, families and visitors.


Monday May 22, 2006


Herrin imaging department steps into all-digital future
Herrin Hospital has introduced the first all-digital x-ray machine to southern Illinois.


SaeboFlex device helping stroke patients be independent
A new therapy device in use at Herrin Hospital is helping stroke victims make significant gains in the use of their hands.


Monday April 24, 2006


Imaging machine heralds new era in health care
A woman has chest pain which cannot be explained by traditional methods. She is taken to the radiology department for an ultra-high resolution CT scan of the heart that takes just 19 seconds. In minutes, doctors are looking at images of her heart and arteries in perfect detail. Adjusting the computer, they virtually “fly” through her blood vessels where they spot a blockage. She needs a cardiac catheterization to open up the blocked artery and prevent a heart attack. The incredible imaging technology the doctors used for this woman has not been available in southern Illinois: at least, not until now.


Monday April 17, 2006


Memorial ranked in top 100 hospitals in America
For the second consecutive year, Memorial Hospital of Carbondale has been recognized as one of the nation’s top 100 hospitals, according to Solucient’s “100 Top Hospitals: National Benchmarks for Success” study for 2005.


Tuesday March 7, 2006


Baby Central web pages deliver fun and “Special Moments”
Baby Central, a set of new, interactive pages on the Memorial Hospital of Carbondale Web site is now available. Baby Central creates a fun way for mothers-to-be and for those thinking about having a baby to get information regarding obstetric services at Memorial Hospital of Carbondale. There is also a page where mothers who delivered at Memorial can share their special moments in child birth.


Monday February 13, 2006


Cardiologists and staff train with unique simulator
Prairie Heart Institute - Memorial Hospital of Carbondale provided state-of-the-art, hands on education for its cardiac catheterization lab physicians and staff by hosting the Boston Scientific Mobile Simulation Training Unit on February 13. The goal was to ensure that staff and physicians remain at the vanguard of cardiac care in southern Illinois.


Friday February 3, 2006


Herrin Hospital staff helps child victims of methamphetamine
Representatives of Herrin Hospital and Southern Illinois Regional Social Services (SIRSS) "Project X" were at Herrin Hospital assembling "Kid's Care Packs" for child victims of methamphetamine abuse on February 3.


Wednesday February 1, 2006


Heart care close to home key in saving man's life
When Donald Wright, 70, Murphysboro, tees up for a round of golf, it seems somehow sweeter than before: the grass is greener, the birds are cheerier, the air is fresher. “I’m alive,” he says, simply.


Heart to Heart Cardiac Support Group helps people living with heart disease
For people living with heart trouble, maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle can seem like walking a tightrope. There are so many risk factors to consider and lifestyle choices to make that it can all seem a little overwhelming.


Why is cholesterol bad? An interview with a heart specialist
We often hear about how cholesterol is bad for us and that we need to keep our cholesterol count low. But why? To answer that question, interventional cardiologist Varadendra Panchamukhi, MD, offered some expert insight about cholesterol.