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 Baby Central web pages deliver fun and “Special Moments”

Baby Central, a set of new, interactive pages on the Memorial Hospital of Carbondale Web site is now available. Baby Central creates a fun way for mothers-to-be and for those thinking about having a baby to get information regarding obstetric services at Memorial Hospital of Carbondale. There is also a page where mothers who delivered at Memorial can share their special moments in child birth.

To enter Baby Central, go to or visit the SIH home page at and click on “Having Babies.”

The interactive pages begin with the “Playroom” where visitors can explore OB services by clicking on and interacting with animated objects on the screen that then direct the user to valuable OB information. For example, click on the toy box to see and hear local physicians and midwives talk about delivering babies at Memorial Hospital of Carbondale, where their practices are located or their personal reasons for choosing to deliver babies. Click on the alphabet blocks and read about the education classes offered or watch videos about the classes. Take a virtual tour of the family birthing center by clicking on the baby crib.

The pages also provide visitors with the unique opportunity to see and hear from the MHC OB staff who care for babies and moms every day. “The benefit for moms to be is that they will get a much better feel for the unit, the staff and the OB providers,” said Cindy Frenkel, RN, director, obstetrics. “The virtual tour through the department with interviews of staff members and the providers could help them decide who they want to go to based on their philosophy of care.”

Moms of every generation who delivered their babies at Memorial Hospital of Carbondale may share their special moments on the Web site. There is an easy to use form for entering a special moment at Memorial Hospital of Carbondale. The testimonials arel be available on the page to share with other moms or moms-to-be.

Meet Sherry Jones, MD, and the other doctors and midwives who deliver babies at Memorial Hospital of Carbondale. Go to Having Babies.