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Mammography at the Breast Center

The Breast Center is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of breast cancer. Yearly screening mammograms are done to increase the chance of early detection of a breast cancer that has not yet caused any physical symptoms. If there is a breast lump that has been found on self exam or by the physician, or other symptoms of changes in the breast (like nipple discharge, persistent nipple rash, skin dimpling, etc.) a different kind of mammogram, called a diagnostic mammogram, is performed. Although this type of mammogram seems much like any other to a patient, it is a special study that focuses on the particular part of the breast that is showing symptoms. Whereas most women can schedule a screening mammogram without consulting their doctor, a diagnostic mammogram must be ordered by a physician. If you feel you have unusual breast symptoms, contact your doctor so that he can fax us an order for a diagnostic mammogram. This will ensure that any problem area will be very carefully examined.

On The Day of Your Test, Please Remember. . .
  • Do not use any deodorant, powder, ointment or preparations of any kind on the underarm area or on your breasts. Residue on the skin from such preparations can obscure the X-ray image.
  • During the test, you will be asked to undress to the waist. Two-piece outfits make this a little easier.
  • If you have had a mammogram or breast ultrasound at another location, arrange to bring your films or have them delivered to the Center by the day of your test. Comparing old films to new ones is an important part of evaluating a mammogram.

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