What’s New at SIH

We’re Starting the Move

November 26th, 2014:

This November, Southern Illinois Healthcare received keys to the new cancer center structure in Carterville. Now the work begins to move the various cancer departments into the facility. The list below represents the comprehensive components of the center. What you may not have realized is that nearly all of the departments have existed in southern… Read more

See the Electrical Masters of the Heart

November 5th, 2014:

A little over a year ago, Prairie Heart Institute Southern Illinois Healthcare developed a new cardiac electrophysiology (EP) program at Memorial Hospital. The service is for patients with pump issues causing diseases such as, atrial fibrillation (quivering disorganization of the heart rhythm), tachycardia (fast heart beat) and bradycardia (slow heart beat) among others. The EP… Read more

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Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

October 30th, 2014:

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month begins in November. Many people may have heard of Pancreatic Cancer but during this awareness month, Surgical Oncologist, Suven Shankar, MD, urges you to help raise awareness by educating yourself, educating others and getting involved. What is pancreatic cancer? Pancreatic cancer is the 8th most common malignancy and the fifth leading… Read more